Financial Accounting

We take over the financial accounting for you to record your business transactions correctly, honestly and completely. We fulfil the financial accounting and all related obligations conscientiously and on time. Reliable accounting is essential for the correct and truthful preparation of the annual financial statements.  The following is a list of the main obligations and communications relating to bookkeeping.

Management of single and double-entry bookkeeping for companies and freelancers

To comply with tax and civil law standards, companies and freelancers are obliged to keep monthly or quarterly accounts of invoices and documents. The obligation to keep single or double-entry bookkeeping depends on factors such as the type of company and the amount of turnover. We support our clients in finding the optimal form of accounting.

VAT settlement and periodic VAT settlements communication

Preparation of the monthly or quarterly VAT statement and preparation of the F24 payment forms. The F24 payment forms are sent telematically to the bank and, if desired, debited directly from our clients’ bank account when due. We inform our clients about the amount to be paid before the due date. We also prepare and send telematically to the tax office the periodic VAT settlements communication.

Intrastat report

Companies and freelancers who make purchases and sales within the European Union (EU) must prepare a monthly or quarterly Intrastat declaration, depending on the number of intra-Community purchases and intra-Community sales made. We take care of the preparation and timely dispatch of these declarations as well as of all formal and substantive obligations related thereto.

Transmission of accounting documents

To keep you informed about your accounting and company figures, we send you a monthly or quarterly balance sheet. If you keep double-entry financial accounts, we provide an optional service to send you a list of outstanding customer receivables and supplier liabilities at the end of each month.

We take care of your financial accounting conscientiously and on time.

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