Company valuation, estimates and expert opinions

The primary purpose of a company valuation is to establish the company’s value. A business valuation may be necessary during transactions, extraordinary operations, restructuring plans in business crisis or if the client needs support for a specific financial structure. Valuation is a complex process that involves a wide range of aspects, not only accounting, tax and legal, but also environmental and market aspects. One aspect that we consider fundamental is therefore the choice of valuation criterion, which is why, depending on the needs required by the transaction, we follow one or more valuation methods that allow us to provide our clients with an independent valuation.

The valuation will allow not only the definition of the company’s value but also the identification of strengths and weaknesses on which the management will base a better strategic planning of the business.

In addition, Italian law requires in certain contexts that the estimates made are sworn (relazione giurata). It often happens that we provide our clients with a sworn report in case of contribution of benefit in kind or credits.

We support you in turning an investment opportunity into a commercial success.

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