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The name “Ektiv” originates from the English word “Active”. We provide our clients with active and proactive advice. The letter “e” stands for the German word “effizient”, meaning efficient, and the “k” recalls the German word “kümmern”, meaning “to take care of”.

By good tax advice we refer to development of creative ideas. Our aim is to achieve the best possible tax arrangements for your company. In addition, performing tasks precisely and constant training of the consultants involved. Our focus is on an active, efficient, and result-oriented advisory approach for our clients. 

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Tax consultancy

Preparation of tax declarations and ongoing support for current tax fulfilments

Statutory audit

Auditing the annual accounts and the management report, checking that the accounts are properly kept and issuing the audit report

Financial accounting

Correct and timely bookkeeping, including digital archiving of documents in accordance with the law

International tax consultancy

In the international context, companies and individuals are confronted with new commercial, legal and fiscal challenges and issues

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First consultation free

During a free first meeting we examine together your needs and point out the possibilities for action and prospects for success.

Review of accounting documents and contact with your current advisor

To ensure a smooth change of advisor, we will contact your current accountant personally.

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